Vocational Education Research Department

 The Vocational Education Research Department performs scientific research, and project and implementation activity in the field of work pedagogy particularly aimed at vocational training of advanced technologies specialists of all levels (higher, secondary and vocational). The Department also identifies new problematic areas within work pedagogy concerning the implementation of European and Polish frameworks of qualifications. Moreover, the Department prepares and coordinates the databases and manages knowledge transfer in the aforementioned thematic areas within such web portals as www.pedagogikapracy.pl, www.diagnozowaniekompetecji.pl, www.emcet.net, www.skillsup.eu, www.mapcom.pl.

Vocational Education Research Department


    • dr inż. 
      Jolanta Religa


    • edukacja-zawodowa@itee.radom.p
    • tel. (+48) 48 364-42-41 wew. 205
    • mgr Edyta Kozieł
    • mgr inż. Jarosław Sitek
    • mgr Katarzyna Sławińska
    • mgr Małgorzata Sołtysiak
    • dr inż. Ireneusz Woźniak
    • dr inż. Mirosław Żurek 
    • mgr Kowalska Małgorzata

Research areas

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