Environmental Technologies

The scientific and R&D activity in this field is executed by the Environmental Technologies Department and concerns particularly the development and improvement of innovative industrial technologies enabling both the reduction of material and power consumption in manufacturing processes and the management of waste that would minimise the possibly environmentally harmful aspects of its disposal. Research tasks undertaken at the Department include laboratory analysis conducted with the use of specialist analytical apparatus for testing spectral and chromatographic as well as physico-chemical properties of operating fluids and they are mainly concentrated on the following:

  • systems for the reduction of a negative impact of manufacturing and maintenance processes on the environment;
  • production and application of ecological energy carriers;
  • polymer composite-based machine regeneration;
  • energy generating application of operational and maintenance waste materials as substitute fuels.

 Additionally, the Department specialises in the development of ecological operating fluids and lubricants on the basis of biodegradable raw materials from reusable sources, and the research on the course and the effects of corrosive processes causing serious damage to components of high power devices.

Moreover, numerous novel solutions in the field of specialised technical devices making manufacturing and maintenance processes more environmentally friendly and allowing the reduction of the amount of waste created by means of the recycling of operating fluids including: processing fluids, machine, compressor and hydraulic oils and antifreezes, are developed at the Department.

The Department cooperates with many national scientific and R&D centres such as Technical Universities in Warsaw and Cracow, University in Lodz, University of Warmia and Mazury, “Blachownia” Institue of Heavy Organic Synthesis and the Oil and Gas Institute. Moreover, the department closely cooperates with machine, transport and power industries. The results of this cooperation include numerous scientific papers, patents and industrial applications.


  • dr inż.
    Elżbieta Rogoś
  • kierownik zakładu
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  • tel. (+48) 48 364-42-41 ext. 282
  • dr hab. inż. Jolanta Drabik, prof nadzw.
  • dr inż. Jarosław Molenda
  • dr inż. Ewa Pawelec
  • dr inż. Zbigniew Pawelec
  • dr inż. Andrzej Stępień
  • dr inż. Marek Swat
  • mgr inż. Joanna Karaś
  • mgr inż. Rafał Kozdrach
  • mgr inż. Andrzej Urbański
  • mgr inż. Małgorzata Wrona
  • inż. Marek Wolszczak

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