Industrial Biotechnologies

The Industrial Biotechnologies Department, rooted in the Environmental Technologies Department, emerged as a separate R&D unit of the ITeE-PIB in 2013. The scientific and R&D activity of the Department focuses on the development of environmentally friendly biochemical methods of waste management, particularly intended for organic waste, which is a potential source of materials, resources and energy. Moreover, the Department conducts studies on biochemical modification of materials, whose objective is to give them specific performance and utility properties. Concurrently, membrane techniques for the purification of operating fluids are also developed.

At the Department, new devices enabling industrial application of the designed biotechnologies, particularly in the SME sector, are developed. These particularly include separators and membrane reactors, as well as bioreactors.

Additionally, work on the development of systems of biochemical analysis and monitoring of biochemical processes, enabling the control over technological processes and devices, is also conducted at the Department.

The scope of the activity of the Department includes the following:

  • industrial biotechnologies; systems and devices for their execution,
  • biochemical methods of conversion and waste management,
  • monitoring systems for biochemical processes,
  • products for biochemical purification of water and soil,
  • membrane techniques used in industry and for environment protection.

Research areas

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